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Using Zoom with your Students through Clever

Clever Login On

Step 1: Login to the Clever Portal
Step 2: Create a Teacher Page for each of your classes. Instructions can be found here
Step 3: Click on the Zoom application in the Zoom portal.
Step 4: Click on "Schedule a meeting"
Step 5: Enter the Details for your class.  
Step 6: Click "Save". On the next screen click "Copy the invitation"
Step 7: Go to the Clever Portal → Click on your Teacher Page for the corresponding class (Example: 1st Hr - Algebra)
Step 8: Click "ADD" in the bottom-right corner and select "LINK". Paste the Meeting URL where it says 'PASTE LINK HERE...' → name the link (ex. Mr. Conn's Zoom) → upload this Zoom logo here as the icon → Click 'Add link'
Step 9: The Zoom icon will now appear on your teacher page for both you and your students to access. Any time you and your students want to join your virtual classroom, simply click on the Zoom icon!

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